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Trailwoods Development Causes Tempers To Flare

Originally Posted on March 28, 2017 by tsgiilck in News

“These people aren’t listening to a God-damned thing we’ve said.”

That was the rather pointed assessment of Mitchell Freedman after making a presentation to Blue Mountains council Monday evening in regard to the Trailwoods development.

Freedman said he was speaking on behalf of the nearly 40 owners in the Cameron Street area, which abuts the new phase three of the Trailwoods development.

Work has begun there recently, Freedman said, without any notice to the residents. He said a large part of the “forest” enjoyed by those residents has been removed, creating environmental and privacy concerns, as well as potential drainage issues.

“There’s a tremendous lack of information,” he told the council. “We are totally in the dark.”

Freedman said while the residents aren’t opposed to the development, which is part of a 40-year-old plan, they want the town to certify in writing the developer has followed all approvals, including Ministry of the Environment provisions.

The residents also want the town to adopt a policy to give advance notice when work begins on such a project.

Tensions rose when Mayor John McKean proposed deferring the matter pending a staff report, and then holding a public information session.

“We can’t put the trees back,” McKean told Freedman.

“We’re not asking for that, we’re asking for clarity,” a plainly irate Freedman said. “That’s not what we’re asking for. We are looking to the town for leadership. We’re asking (for action on) the drainage issues and the protection of our homes. I’m demanding a meeting with the town.”

At that point, McKean advised Freedman he was out of order.

After some discussion, the council members voted to have a staff report prepared, followed by a weekend public information session to be scheduled as soon as possible.

Councillor Michael Martin said he fully supported holding a meeting and revisiting the development plan.

“It’s a very important community issue. I would appreciate a town house style meeting. It’s an old plan. and I’ve had lots of feedback lately from lots of people.  I’m fully in support of doing this sooner rather than later.”

Afterwards, Freedman approached The Thornbury Paper to make his comment about the council not listening to the concerns of the residents. He walked away without further comment.

Trailwoods Development Causes Tempers To Flare