Blue Mountain Ratepayers' Association

TBM Firefighters Charity Hockey Game

Iced For A Good Cause


If you want to see some fire on ice, head for the Beaver Valley Community Centre on March 11.

That’s when a team of Blue Mountains firefighters will hit the rink in a head-to-head clash with Meaford Fire Department skaters in a quest for hockey supremacy among local puckers – all in the name of charity.

Proceeds from the game will go toward the Beaver Valley Outreach organization, as well as to support the Drive Fore Teens winter driving program that’s held annually.

It’s the second year for the charity game, and firefighter Dave Camplin is hoping to break the team’s losing streak. Last year, the fiery puckheads fell to a high school team. They’re hoping for better luck against their western rivals.

“Any time you play a town next to yours, there’s always a bit of a rivalry,” he said. “We are both professional, we work together a lot, but still there’s a chance for rivalry.”

That’s particularly so since many of the members grew up and went to high school together, Camplin added.

“We’ll have a fun time, and hopefully their hockey time won’t be as good as ours. We have a few guys who are good, and we have a lot of heart. We’ll have at least two good lines.”

Camplin is anticipating fielding about 13 players, with similar numbers expected from Meaford.

“It’s just another way we can help the community and support some good causes,” Camplin said. “We support a few local causes every year, and it’s nice for us to just give them the funds they need.”

“Drive Fore Teens is a non-profit defensive driving course, offered at no charge to participants, to experience what it’s like to drive in poor conditions and how to drive defensively in them.”

It’s an outgrowth of the reaction to an accident on Highway 26 near Christie Beach a decade ago that left five young local youths dead. Driving conditions were very poor at the time, and the accident was traumatic for the area.

“The first year for this game was good,” Camplin said. “We raised about $1,600, and we divided that between the two charities. It was great, the community was really involved.”

Deputy-chief A.J. Lake said “it’s definitely a good team builder, within our ranks where we have 48 members. It’s good for morale, and from a broader standpoint, the two departments often work together with the mutual aid agreement, so it puts us in a different light. Instead of just being in an emergency, we’re going to have fun. As Dave said, most of the guys here have gone to school together.”

Lake said he was also hoping the event would raise the profile of the Drive Fore Teens program, which he fears is being “forgotten.”

“I’m seeing a decline in the support for that program, so I think we should take every opportunity to remind people how we’re trying to support this winter driving program.

“I think it’s a great event, and it is two great organizations to sponsor.”

The puck drops at 7 pm at the arena at the centre.