Blue Mountain Ratepayers' Association

Here’s how much Blue Mountains taxpayers will pay in 2018.

Taxpayers in the Town of the Blue Mountains are looking at a one per cent tax increase for 2018.

The municipality is poised to pass its budget at its Feb. 12 meeting. Homeowners with a property valued at $550,000, will see a $50 increase in their taxes.

The town portion of the tax bill will jump 2.07 per cent or $44, but the county increase of .36 per cent or six dollars and no increase in the education levy, brings the increase to one per cent.

As part of the budget, the municipality will add $182,450 in additional items to the budget.

The largest of these is a senior facility operator at $88,330. For the average home, this will cost them about $13 on their tax bill.

The municipality will spend $20,000 on its 20th anniversary celebration, which will cost taxpayers an additional three dollars.

The relocation of crossing guards will cost the average taxpayer an additional two dollars.

The municipality plans to spend $6,700 on flowers for bridges. This equates to a one-dollar increase.

For Terry Thompson, the chair of the budget review committee for the Blue Mountain Ratepayers Association, one area where he feels the town is contributing too much is to Grey County.

The Blue Mountains

Terry Thompson of the Blue Mountains Ratepayers Association speaks at a recent council meeting. – John Edwards/Metroland

For every tax dollar received, 39 cents is sent to the county, with the Town of the Blue Mountains contributing 26 per cent of the county budget.

Originally published: NEWS 09:00 AM by John Edwards  Collingwood Connection, February 7th, 2018