Blue Mountain Ratepayers' Association

Help Bring Curling Back to The Blue Mountains!

In the 1900’s there was a curling rink in Clarksburg and then a new rink was built in Thornbury and curling was quite popular until eventually the cost to maintain the structure became too expensive.
A not-for- profit group, The Blue Mountains Curling Centre has been formed to bring this popular Canadian winter pastime back by sharing icetime at the Beaver Valley Arena.
• The group has been granted Probationary Membership in the Ontario Curling Association
• Two days of curling ice per week (Friday and Saturday) have also been secured in the arena on a right of first refusal basis for a fifteen week 2018/2019 season
• Ice time has been arranged with the Town in the Arena for a kick-off event for the last weekend in March 2018
The March event will be held on Easter Weekend with time slots being available for beginners, lessons, open jitneys and for those who would like to try the formation from hockey ice to curling ice. Darren Sinclair and his crew will be training Town Staff in the art of switching the ice.
Many arenas are now sharing icetime with curling to facilitate maximum revenue.
Now, all we need is people, who want curling to return to our Town, to come out and help us make this happen. If after the March event we have enough members signed up for the 2018/2019 season, curling will be back. To learn more about this initiative or if you want to help, please email; sign up on the website or call 519-599-3344