Blue Mountain Ratepayers' Association

Density and Bonusing


Density and Bonusing

February 26, 2016

Blue Mountain Ratepayers’ Association is seeking more predictability for both developers and residents in the planning approval process and is appearing on Monday afternoon February 29 at 2:30 pm before a Special Meeting of Council.

For many years, new development has been affected by the Town’s bonusing policy whereby developers negotiate additional units and/or height in exchange for providing community benefits.  This has led to increasing frustration on the part of existing communities whose residents are asking for an open, transparent and predicable process and wish to see the bonusing policy eliminated.

The bonusing policy is the exclusive subject of the Special Meeting and its outcome will be impact the Town’s revised Official Plan.

Please read the BMRA’s position paper on Density and Bonusing, and please attend the meeting at the Town Hall on Monday.

Co-Chairs, BMRA Official Plan Committee:

Janet Findlay

Brian Nelson