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County talks seem promising

County talks seem promising,

Members of The Blue Mountains committee who made a presentation to county council last week say the dialogue seems promising.

Councillor Michael Martin, who chairs the newly-formed committee examining the relationship between the town and Grey County, particularly the contentious issue of taxation versus services provided to The Blue Mountains, presented a report to council Wednesday evening.

“It was quite a successful venture,” Martin said. “Now they’re engaged with us, and they weren’t before.”

“We will have to see how it turns out.”

Martin said he believes the county council members didn’t properly understand that the town isn’t complaining about the 26 per cent of total taxes it provide the county so much as the distribution of that tax money.

He said the presentation made an inroad into the misunderstanding with the council members.

That statement was echoed by Coun. Joe Halos, another committee member.

“I think we took them somewhat by surprise. Our issue is in receiving services,” he said.

Deputy-mayor Gail Ardiel, one of the two town representatives at county council, quipped that presentation has started “what we refer to as marriage counselling.

While the county has refused to embrace commissioning a provincial mediator to help with the discussion, as the town wanted, it has given preliminary approval to establish a working group or task force to further the talks.

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