Blue Mountain Ratepayers' Association

Communication Forum a Success!

Thank you to all those who attended the Marsh Street Centre Communications Meeting on Tuesday, June 20th.

The event was a success, with over 50 participants, 4 panelists, 3 Councillors and the Deputy Mayor in attendance the room was full. Some very solid and logical ideas were discussed and here are a few of my notes.

Some task items are:

  1. BMRA/myself to reach out to Mayor, Council and Staff and ask for a Clear Policy on Communications
  2. Ask about the flow of correspondence coming into TBM Hall, what is policy or what is preferred? email, mail or phone?
  3. When there is a letter/email address to Mayor, Council and Staff, who is tasked at responding?
  4. Is or could there be a way to track/ticket system on all incoming, so people have a receipt that their information was received?
  5. Regular meetings with the community leaders from all groups to share information, issues and thoughts
  6. Ask Mayor, Council and Staff to consider Town Hall style or Round Table forums (similar to last night)
  7. When will video recording be available for town meetings?

There were many ideas discussed, but those are my concrete ‘take-aways’ and BMRA to take the lead with TBM to answer some basic questions.

My fellow panelists, Rosemary, John and Kimberly did a great job representing different view points for all.
Andres as Moderator kept the conversation flowing and on track.
Hats off to Rosemary, Betty, Andres, Julia and crew for putting on last night’s event, well received and much needed.