Blue Mountain Ratepayers' Association

Candidates for Trustee, Bluewater District Board of Education

A lot of effort has been spent on candidates for Town Council, but we don’t want you to forget that there is also an election for your local Trustee, Bluewater District Board of Education, representing the combined area of the Town of The Blue Mountains and the Municipality of Meaford.

Two names will be placed on the ballot and you will asked to elect one. To help you make that choice, we have included the brief platforms provided to us by the candidates.


My family has lived and prospered in this community for five generations, since the 1840’s. Once again I would like to offer my investment of time, effort and talents to the community.

I have inherited the tradition of public service from my grandfather, Jesse Storey who served as reeve of St Vincent Township for many years in the 1940’s and 50’s and from my late mother, Jean Sullivan whose long and dedicated service volunteering in several capacities and also serving on the Bluewater Board of Education.

I present my candidacy again, to be considered to serve on a school board committed to the best interests of our children. My background as a mother, grandmother, business person, craftsperson and observer/participant of several educational systems has fostered the strong belief that we must work with the gifts of our students and provide them with the skills and supports to best fulfill their diverse aptitudes and set them on realistic goal paths, be that academic or in much-needed trades or service industries.

The unique rural experience requires sensitivity to the specific needs of our young people and an active response to those needs.

I feel with declining enrolment and diminishing budgets, that we as trustees must remain fiscally responsible and ever vigilant to be able to provide our children the education they deserve and need to succeed in the future.

It is about quality of education, and I will advocate for our students, I will advocate for our schools and our communities. Your invaluable input and vigilant concerns,and in addition to four years of experience serving on the Blue Water District School Board have made my candidacy even stronger than in 2010. I ask you for your support once again, so that I may continue serve as your representative on the Blue Water District School Board.


Here are four reasons to vote HAMILL for Public School Trustee.

1) Location – I am the only candidate for Public School trustee who lives in the Meaford – Blue Mountain riding. In addition, I live within eleven kilometers of each school in the riding.

2) Experience – I have ten years teaching experience at Georgian Bay Secondary School, Meaford.

I was a trustee with the Grey County Board of Education (now part of Bluewater District School Board) for nine years. I was Vice-Chair of the Board for two years. Our three children were educated in Meaford schools.

3) My involvement with children – I have volunteered for many years in elementary schools. I volunteered at a Meaford nursery school last year and this year I am volunteering at St Vincent Euphrasia School in Meaford.

I am a published children’s author (Scarecrow Invasion, Go Ducky Go and My Strong Sturdy Scarecrows).

I have four grandchildren in Bluewater schools. Three of them attend school in Meaford.

4) Issues – Schools are an integral part of small rural communities. They are important for economic growth and retaining young families in our community. Georgian Bay Secondary School in Meaford is well-known for its unique and high quality programs – Pursuits, award-wining music program, greenhouse, technology programs and Co-operative Education to name a few. I want to work with you, and for you, to ensure this school continues to exist and thrive.

Vote LINDA HAMILL for a strong local voice on Bluewater District School Board. See