Blue Mountain Ratepayers' Association

STA Licensing on track for approval on June 30

Public Meeting re: Proposed changes to the STA Licensing By-law and Property Standards By-law.

Good News! STA Licensing is still on track for implementation on July 2nd, 2014. Town staff have recommended a few changes and clarifications to the two applicable By-laws, which were discussed at a Public Meeting that took place on June 23rd, 2014. After considering public feedback, the final changes will be put before Council for approval on June 30th.

Along with a few housekeeping items, the two main issues to be clarified are:

1) Occupancy Load – Based on a “per guest” or “per unit” calculation? A straight forward, easily understood maximum number of guests ‘per unit’ is the preferred method supported by the BMRA and recommended by the Blue Mountain Resort (BMR). The BMR is an industry leader who has extensive experience in operating a successful,‘family oriented’ rental program in our municipality for many years, in harmony and with the full support of the surrounding residential community. They have proven over the years to be a good corporate citizen and an excellent neighbour. As such, it makes good sense from a marketing, property management, and enforcement perspective to establisha consistentoccupancy standard for this accommodation type.

2) Application vs Licensing Deadline – Procrastination would be an understatement as it appears to-date that only 9 applications for an STA License have been received by the town, despite the long notice period and well publicized implementation date of July 2nd, 2014 for those STAs operating in the area identified as Phase 1.In order to further assist STA operators, town staff has proposed that the By-law be amended so as to require that a complete application be submitted no later than July 2, 2014 versus the requirement to be licensed.

Once an application has been submitted, the STA property will be listed on the town’s website.However, if an owner fails to submit an application and continues to rent the property as a STA after July 2nd, 2014, he and/or she should expect active enforcement of all By-law provisions. By-Law Officers will respond to all questions and/or complaints.

The BMRA Board would like to take this opportunity to thank the residents of TBM for their continued support and valuable feedback on this issue.A special ‘thank you’ to everyone who attended the Public Meeting, especially those few who were brave enough to ignore the disparaging remarks and make a statement to Council. We’ll keep you posted when there are any new developments.

In closing, we expect that all STA business owners will comply with themunicipal by-laws as enacted by our town. This is an opportunity for STA operators to build bridges and become true partners in advancingthe future growth and prosperity of our community.