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Grey County and The Blue Mountains create task force to discuss issues

Grey County and The Blue Mountains are going to try and work out their differences without calling in a marriage counsellor. At its regular meeting on April 13, county council voted to create a special task force to study issues

Grey County to talk with Blue Mountains

By Rob Gowan, Sun Times, Owen Sound Thursday, April 13, 2017 3:37:34 EDT PM Grey County has agreed to work towards forming a task force to discuss concerns coming out of the Town of the Blue Mountains stemming from the

Trailwoods Development Causes Tempers To Flare

Originally Posted on March 28, 2017 by tsgiilck in News “These people aren’t listening to a God-damned thing we’ve said.” That was the rather pointed assessment of Mitchell Freedman after making a presentation to Blue Mountains council Monday evening in

A Blue Mountains/Grey County clash coming?

Thu., Feb 23, 2017 | By Chris Fell - Editor.   A unity crisis is not fun. Most Canadians my age remember the days when Quebec’s separation seemed like a real possibility and cast a dark shadow over the future of

BMRA mourns the loss of John Pineo

John Pineo was a long serving member of the BMRA and held many Executive positions over his tenure with Board. We are saddened by his loss and wanted to thank him for all his hard work and dedication to the