Blue Mountain Ratepayers' Association


Inform, Observe, Communicate and Engage

What is the BMRA’s main role in the community? 

This answer can not be that easy as we are not elected and not the official opposition.

Most issues facing us today and tomorrow are fluid and not static.
Simply stated; ‘issues change and so does our role in regard to those issues’

One thing is for certain, as a Community Based Association our main goal is to inform.

 We Observe, Communicate and Engage with the Ratepayers, Town Staff, Mayor & Council

There are many very important issues facing our town today, The County, Library, Transparency, STA, Planning, Budget, Environment and Development.

The BMRA wears many hats and continuously works with various groups for the greater good of the community at large.

Sometimes we challenge, other times we observe and

hopefully in all cases we can evoke change.