Blue Mountain Ratepayers' Association

4 Themes

Subsequent to the recent municipal election, the Town’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) has now had an opportunity to meet individually with each member of the Town’s new Council for 2014 – 2018.

The purpose of the meetings was to assist the CAO in getting an initial sense of: each Council member’s personal goals and top priorities as a member of Council over the coming four years; what things they feel the Town is doing well; and what things they feel could stand improvement. Ideally, discussions such as this help a CAO and Staff begin to identify common themes that Staff can then work with Council to build upon to prioritize goals and create action plans for the next 4 years

Room for Improvement :

Each member of Council had their own list of issues, interests, initiatives, projects or concerns they would like to see addressed. There were four (4) fairly clear themes that appeared to be reflected in the comments of many of the members of Council as areas to be targeted for improvement. They were:

1) Economic Development, Customer Service & Whether the Town is Perceived as being “Open for Business”;

2) Planning and Development;

3) Changing the County/Town Financial Arrangement; and

4) Communication & Council Process


The BMRA is very pleased to see that these 4 Themes nicely match up with the Focus Five that we were advocating as themes for the election.